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WHY Internship IN FRANCE

Only a few countries tend to push students to have a professional experience before they jump into the “real life”. France may be the one that helps the most students to have professional experiences. French companies are used to having interns and students alternating between school and work. There is a huge employment market then. France may be then the most compliant country for having an internship abroad.

Moreover, these student contracts are as much regulated as professionals one. In the one hand a minimum wage for interns which is around 577€ per month f. This is unlikely to be enough to meet your needs in Paris but may be in the other cities where you can benefit a higher standard of living. This wage is still a minimum! You can expect to earn more money if you’re going to work in Banking, Industry or other well-paying sectors. In the other hand, students working in France are well protected thanks to a contract signed by their school, the company and themselves. For instance, they can’t theoretically work for more than 35h a week. Their responsibilities are assumed not to be critical regarding the fact they are here half for learning.


Benefits of Internship In FRANCE

  • Advance Skill in your Industry .
  • An internship experience creates positive impact on your resume .
  • Expands your global networking .
  • Learn French Language.
  • Secure good references and recommendations.
  • Explore new culture .
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Students are eligible for 2 year post study work permit after completing studies

    Our Services Include

  • Paid Training Placement in France host company
  • Training/ Internship Plan
  • Health Insurance coverage assistance.
  • Registration interview, resume and introductory video
  • Participant pre-arrival/ post-arrival information to prepare for the program
  • Useful France Internship application guidance
  • On-going support for the duration of the program.
  • Paris

    Duration Of Internship

    6 months of Industrial training

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    Like what you're learning Get started today!

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