Shaping the Future: Director's Vision for WCE
manager director

Saachin Shendage

- Managing Director

I strongly believe that "When it comes to Success. Rent is due everyday.”

As you learn about our company, I hope you will gain a sense of the commitment we have to our students and the quality standards to which we adhere to. The main focus is Abroad Internship and Abroad Studies!

WCE is founded on three core values Integrity, Transparency and Excellence. We continually re-invest in our facilities and our valued employees. Continuous improvement and innovation is second nature to our operation and is embraced by all. We have an experienced, engaged team with strong leadership that is continuously striving to produce the highest quality service and solutions for our prospective aspirants.

WCE aim is to satisfy the core needs of students, recent graduates and experienced professionals, whilst meeting the needs of industry and international education/training providers. Programs and services are designed specifically to optimize the career development of Students, Graduates and Industry Professionals, at the same time promoting international awareness and cultural exchange.

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